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by June 25, 2021

Legacies III proudly offers an e-commerce solution for consigning hand-made calligraphic products online through July 17, 2021.

How to Consign your items at the Legacies III Scribe Store.

1. DOWNLOAD the Consignor Terms & Agreement pdf.

2. Get ready to sell.

a) Create a description of your work.
Try to replicate an in-person experience as much as possible by writing really good descriptions of every item you’re selling. Provide as much information as you can, including weight and dimensions.

b) Take up to (5) high-quality photos to showcase your product.
Just as important as the written description is high resolution photographs of the products. The images need to look good. Use only product images and descriptions that you have created yourself or have the legal right to use.

c) Package the product. Get an accurate weight to estimate the shipping cost.

d) Find out what the sales tax rate is in your area.
Sales tax is generally not collected from out-of-state purchasers, but you should check with your State Department of revenue.

3. Complete The Consignor Product form online.
Fill out one form for each consigned product HERE . A gmail account is required to use this form.

4. Get your hand-crafted product ready to sell.

5. Consignors receive daily notifications of sales by our Legacies III Scribe Store Team.

The store goes LIVE July 3, 2021, HERE and in the Legacies III Attendee Hub.

Thank you Legacies III supporting Sponsors!