Three-Day Workshops List

Sequence – Journey of Experimental Calligraphy

3-Day Workshop

Fraktur In Its Glory

3-Day Workshop

The Unconventional Pointed Pen

Drawing the Fibonacci Sequence

Itty Bitty Books

Basic Rudolf Koch: Blackletter Und Neuland

Word Meets Image on the Page

3-Day Workshop

Value Contrast: Exploring the Grey Areas

2-Day Workshop

In Search of the Essential

Letters & Blossoms

Graphite Explorations

Beginning Copperplate Script

A Letter and a Rectangle

Bone Script: Bookhand with a Twist

Ben Shahn Lettering

Stamp Carving

Buttonhole Art Journal

Season Leaves Booklet

Expressions of Faith

Contemporary Ensō Circles

Visigothic Versals

Blackletter Circles on Steroids

Gothic Lettering Magic with Procreate

Hand-Lettered Abstract Paintings

Bruta LaGrafia, Calligraphy Beyond Styles

Breaking the Rules

Spontaneous Creation

Traditional Raised & Burnished Gilding

Medieval Illuminating Techniques

Victorian Frames & Labels

Dynamic Textures

Ruling Pens Beyond the Rules

The Alchemist’s Magic

Moto: Movement and Touch

Mix and Match: Calligraphy & Lettering as Design Tools

Engrosser’s Script

French Roundhand

Introduction to Riqa Calligraphy (Arabic)

Playful Letters

Mark My Words

Mastering Italic

Expressive Pointed Italic

Pointed Brush

Pointed Brush for Beginners



Decorated Letters

Italic Lettering – Basics & Beyond

Page Dazzle: Patent Leaf Gilding

In the Glow of Gouache

Loosening Up With Calligraphy & Paint

Hand Lettering with the Folded Pen

Monoline Lettering with a B Nib

Sensational Sumi!

Creative Colour for All Occasions

Letters Unlimited

Embossing with Extra Pizazz!

Riccardo Ali

Graffiti Writing – The New York Lesson

Rudolf Revisited

Round & Robust: Exploring Uncial

Simple & Semitic

The Graceful Marker: Pointed Brush Script

Calligraphy on the Go!

Calligraphy On The Go!

Cold Wax Calligraphic Abstracts

Markmakings, Words & Art

The Empty Space, Womb of Shape

Weaving Words

Flourishes Unraveled

Broad-edged pen: Roman Capitals

Versals & White Vine Decoration

Colorful Lettering Composition

The Inside Curve Alphabet

Alphabet Book

Akim Variations and Long Compositions

Gothicized Italic

Copperplate Boot Camp