Barry Morentz

Carol Measures Scott

Carol taught a Mini-class at Legacies III:
Captivating Color in Calligraphy

Was there ever a time that I did not delight in the act of writing? I can’t remember it! I still fondly recall the sensory experience of moving chalk over the blackboard of my little easel when I was preschool-aged. I’d fill up the board from one edge to the other, writing letters and numbers. When I was in sixth grade, I created catalogs of humorous items for sale, taking great delight in the tactile experience of writing and drawing. As a teen, I discovered pen and ink in a ninth-grade art class. I still have that small Speedball kit with the pen staff and pen points. The most fascinating part of it was the booklet of various letter styles that came in the box. I remember tracing the shapes with my fingers on the page and in the air, something I still catch myself doing at times when I’m admiring another artist’s calligraphy.

At age 23, I “stumbled” upon my first calligraphy class. It was fast and furious, covering four styles in four weeks. It took only a few moments of making marks with this funny broad-edged pen to realize that it could make magic! I was hooked. I started taking more classes and looked for a group to join. After many workshops, programs, and classes I started teaching calligraphy to kids and adults in 1986. I still love taking classes and workshops – the learning never stops!